Friday, May 20, 2011

My dogsitter

Furriends as some of you may know about a month ago I waz very very bad. Against Ma's wishes I was left at Ooman Uncle's house while Ma and Dad went on weekend trip to Chicago. Yah I haz stayed there before and done ok, but I don't likez to be put in crate and I don't care much for petting (I iz from puppymill and only care for Ma or Dad's petting) so Ma did not think it waz good idea to keep sending me to Ooman Uncle's house. Well on Saturday morning Dad gots a call from Uncle saying I haz been super bad, gotten somehow out of my crate, destroyed a door and ripped a carpet! Yah! I did! Uncle was super angry and told Dad I could not stay there anymore! What could my Ma do? She was very upset about what would happen to me because they were so far away. But Ma quickly called Brooke, yah she da nicest dog sitter in da world! I haz stayed wif her before and after I stayed wif her I came a little bit out of my shell and actually went away from Ma fur like 2 min when we went to the dog park. Ma called Brooke that Saturday morning and she actually went to PICK ME UP from Uncle's house!!! and then took me to her house. I had a bootiful time there, Ma got to see me through her webcam  and Ma was happy. Dis weekend Ma and Dad are going away again and without no doubt Ma booked my weekend away wif Brooke. I iz going to Bark in the Park wif her and the other weekend boarding pooches! How fun!!! I iz glad to have a super nice dog sitter and happy dat I get to stay wif her dis weekend.

Dis iz website of dog sitter Brooke, you can go check it out :) Pack Leader Plus. 

Ma graduated finally!

So furriends, I haz been away fur a looooong looong time, you can blame Ma please. She finally finished school, she has PhD now! All of us are so happy, I waz a little sad because that meant she had to go back to her laboratory and work there every day. When she was writing her thesis she waz at home wif me and brofur all day long and it waz soooo nice. For her graduation I gots a nice outfit fur myself too, I wants to be Dr. MoxieDaDoxie BOL

Glad to be back everyone!