Thursday, January 6, 2011

Holiday Photo Op and late happy New Year!

Hi all!
Well Ma iz letting me update my bloggy quickly, it has been such a long time since I last had a chance to use the computer. Ma is super busy writing her thesis, she is getting a PhD and after so many years she has too much to write. She tolds me after Thanksgiving dat I would not get much time online. I waz a bit sad because I haz so many good friends on twitter and on my bloggy but I haz to seem understanding and told Ma it was ok.
Anyway it iz a bit late but here iz da Xmas pixi of me and Brofur. Of course you will immediately see that Brofur is all smiles in da pixi, but don't let it fool ya he was really growly and Santa was not happy wif him. And I was not growly but I was not happy either, I decided early on that dis Santa character was not to be trusted and then suddenly Ma plopped me on his lap! The horror! You can tell I was displeased with Ma's decision but I was not growly (like Brofur!) It was our first Xmas pixi and Ma was not too happy with both of our behavior specially since she sayz she had gotten us matching reindeer outfits and all. In Ma's mind the Holiday Photo Op should have gone very differently with me happy on Santas lap and Brofur leaving his costume on. To top it all off when we were leaving Brofur and me got super naughty and were getting Ma tangled in our leashes and at the precise moment Ma was dealing with this out of a car comes a family of two hoomans and two dachshunds, all wearing matching t-shirts all of them looked perfect in every way. At first Ma got a bit sad and thought "Oh No! We iz no perfect family!" but then Ma  realized that we iz no perfect pair or family but there is lots of love and she iz happy that I iz not on a puppymill and Brofur is not abandoned in a shelter. We iz what we iz and that is just fine!
-Happy New Year!
Love Moxie