Friday, July 1, 2011

Foster sisfur goes to vet

Last week foster sisfur was not feeling very well. She was panting a lot and she had potty accidents in da house. She was also shedding a lot, but dat probably from heat and not related. So Ma took her to the V.E.T. However foster sisfur haz not gone often to the V.E.T. and so she didn't really know what was happening. I heard Ma telling Dad on the phone about the V.E.T. and I ran to hide. Foster sisfur thoughts it was special girl trip of just her and Ma and she was so happy on the car ride.

Once inside the V.E.T. a very nice nurse came and took sisfur to get weighed (she has lost 10 pounds since she came to our house! Go sisfur go!). Dat iz da leg and hand of nurse, she waz very nice.

Da doctor came and checked sisfur. Then they tooks her away, she tolds me she was scared because they had to take some of her blood but Ma comforted her and she felt ok. When they were waiting to check out they saw dis little rottweiler puppy. My Ma and Dad never met my brofur Liam as a puppy and so my Ma took a pixi of this puppy to show to Dad and to wonder if brofur looked like dis once. 

A few days later Ma got a call saying dat sisfur's bloodwork was ok. She iz on observation for her heavy panting but most likely iz just da horrible heat and her weight (oops don't tell her I sayz she is a little big! BOL). 

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

The one dat got away

Furriends I went Friday to a meeting of the Gateway Low-Downs, iz da group here in St. Louis of dachshund owners, iz sooooo cool! On the way there I waz so excited because Ma can only take me since brofur and foster sisfur are not dachshunds, so I was feeling super special and riding up in the front wif Ma. I looked so serious when Ma took the pic but I was very happy!

Then Ma told me that Hazel was going to be there! Furriends I haz had many girlfriends over the last year, and I haz rejected girlfriends too. Ma sayz I iz a playboy. But Hazel iz the one girl that rejected me. She didn't even look at me, I tried and tried and nothing. When Ma told me dat Hazel would be there I gots a bit upset.

When we got to da place of the group reunion I saw her, the super beautiful Hazel. Isn't she pretty?

I tried again to get her attention but without success! She iz sooo diva! So I saids to myself: Moxie why you waste time wif Hazel when you can go snif da sisters Suzy and Tina!. Last year I was infamous for switching back and forth on my attentions with these two BOL I just say that I kept getting confused between one and the other.

After going around wif the ladies I tried to make friends with a 10 year old dapple that my Ma sayz I look a lot like. Can you guess which one iz me?

There where many dachshunds in attendance, Ma only waz able to get pic of a few of them at a time because everyone was moving so much but I thinks there were around 20 of us!

Even though Hazel ignored me again I iz happy because I made new friends and saw old ones too! 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bring your dachshund to work day

I wish that Ma didn't work in a lab were things had to be kept clean or where I couldn't get sick with chemical stuff that is there so that I could go in for a work day. However Ma did take me for a short tour of the outside of her workplace. It iz very nice place and they all work hard to help people all over the world. She has plants in the greenhouse and her and I walked all around them. Her workplace has huge huge lawn area in back and although it is not dog park she took of my leash and her and I enjoyed walking around. I specially liked the little rock area by the greenhouse and it seemed like a very good spot to go potty BOL

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Give me da pizza!

If there iz one thing featured on my bloggie iz me and brofur getting in to messes with food! Check me out eyeing the pizza that Ma was eating. She better keep a good eye and hand on it because I am quick!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Evening at the dog park

Three months ago Ma filled out application fur a dog park close to where we all live. It was not expensive and also it was the only park that would allow her to register three dogs since it is me and brofur plus whatever foster sisfur is around. Da park sadly was closed for like forever, although Ma sayz it was just a month and a half because they were planting new grass and then the new grass kept getting ruined or something because of all the rain we have been getting here in St. Louis. 
But finally the park opened and we have been going there almost every evening! I enjoy laying on the grass BOL but Ma forces me to run around!

Ma and Heidi have been walking and running in the dog park because they boths are trying to loose weight. Here is Heidi running towards Ma, she knows her name already and she iz very quick to respond. She like me loves Ma. You can also see brofurs butt BOL in da background!

I hope you all are enjoying your summers!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My new foster sisfur

Dis is foster sisfur Heidi. Her name used to be Abby but there iz already an Abby on our rescue group and Ma didn't want people to get confused and because she iz german shepherd mix Dad said it was good idea to give her a good german name. Dad has german ancestry and he has a cousin named Heidi :)
Heidi was with her past family for a very long time, she is 7 years old. But her family was struggling a lot with getting food for her and also did not know what they would be able to do care for her if she needed vet care so they asked our group for help and luckily there was space and Ma offered to foster her.

Heidi was confused the first weeks, she paced a lot back and forth, Ma slept on da futon to keep her company, of course I enjoyed dat too because she was out of the bedroom since we dogs are not allowed to sleep in there! ( I know! the horror!). Heidi is doing so much better and she iz getting a lot happier. Da picture is of her getting comfy in da bed of Ma and Dad, she iz not allowed up there but she is quick and sneaks in the room and once up there she gives Ma very sad looking eyes and Ma can't force her to get down.
She iz very well behaved and we iz getting along fine, I like having sisfurs!


Friday, May 20, 2011

My dogsitter

Furriends as some of you may know about a month ago I waz very very bad. Against Ma's wishes I was left at Ooman Uncle's house while Ma and Dad went on weekend trip to Chicago. Yah I haz stayed there before and done ok, but I don't likez to be put in crate and I don't care much for petting (I iz from puppymill and only care for Ma or Dad's petting) so Ma did not think it waz good idea to keep sending me to Ooman Uncle's house. Well on Saturday morning Dad gots a call from Uncle saying I haz been super bad, gotten somehow out of my crate, destroyed a door and ripped a carpet! Yah! I did! Uncle was super angry and told Dad I could not stay there anymore! What could my Ma do? She was very upset about what would happen to me because they were so far away. But Ma quickly called Brooke, yah she da nicest dog sitter in da world! I haz stayed wif her before and after I stayed wif her I came a little bit out of my shell and actually went away from Ma fur like 2 min when we went to the dog park. Ma called Brooke that Saturday morning and she actually went to PICK ME UP from Uncle's house!!! and then took me to her house. I had a bootiful time there, Ma got to see me through her webcam  and Ma was happy. Dis weekend Ma and Dad are going away again and without no doubt Ma booked my weekend away wif Brooke. I iz going to Bark in the Park wif her and the other weekend boarding pooches! How fun!!! I iz glad to have a super nice dog sitter and happy dat I get to stay wif her dis weekend.

Dis iz website of dog sitter Brooke, you can go check it out :) Pack Leader Plus.