Friday, July 1, 2011

Foster sisfur goes to vet

Last week foster sisfur was not feeling very well. She was panting a lot and she had potty accidents in da house. She was also shedding a lot, but dat probably from heat and not related. So Ma took her to the V.E.T. However foster sisfur haz not gone often to the V.E.T. and so she didn't really know what was happening. I heard Ma telling Dad on the phone about the V.E.T. and I ran to hide. Foster sisfur thoughts it was special girl trip of just her and Ma and she was so happy on the car ride.

Once inside the V.E.T. a very nice nurse came and took sisfur to get weighed (she has lost 10 pounds since she came to our house! Go sisfur go!). Dat iz da leg and hand of nurse, she waz very nice.

Da doctor came and checked sisfur. Then they tooks her away, she tolds me she was scared because they had to take some of her blood but Ma comforted her and she felt ok. When they were waiting to check out they saw dis little rottweiler puppy. My Ma and Dad never met my brofur Liam as a puppy and so my Ma took a pixi of this puppy to show to Dad and to wonder if brofur looked like dis once. 

A few days later Ma got a call saying dat sisfur's bloodwork was ok. She iz on observation for her heavy panting but most likely iz just da horrible heat and her weight (oops don't tell her I sayz she is a little big! BOL). 

Thank you for reading,