Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First post and #pawpawty prizes :)

Hi furriends!
This iz Moxie although many know me as MoxieDaDoxie :) I iz a tweeny dapple dachshund, yah i know its a mouthful just to say the type of dachshund I am, my dad haz been telling my momy to stop telling people when they ask her what I am that I am a tweeny dapple dachshund and just say weiner dog. Of course my momy refused and sayz she will NOT refer to me as a weiner dog BOL.
Wow ok i guess i iz getting just a bit sidetracked here, its only because iz ma first blog post.
Okay so a few weekends back I participated in da #pawpawty and I entered a lot of the da contests and won! hooray, I have been receiving ma prizes all week and here are some pictures of my winnings.

Check out the cool towel and doggy treat back from @poppy_dog, she sent me a card too!

This is me with super cute postcards that mom will help me write and send to my furriends, i got this from @smokey8 from @no_crybaby_dogs store :)
I am already looking forward to pictures from ma furriends @AutumnTheDoxie and @PerrytheBirman with the prizes I got to send to them!
Hooray for #pawpawty!!!

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  1. Thanx you for putting a pic of my pwice! I love your first blog. Keep da stories coming! Purrs
    Signed: Smokey8 fr Twitter