Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Nutro Prize

Yes, I have been winning so many prizes, Ma is certainly very happy because she never wins anything and she is happy that I have luck :)
So I participated in the Nutro Small Breeds contest offered by online twitter ambassadors @ReneeAtNutro @NatalieatNutro and @EdnaAtNutro. Last Saturday I got ma prize in da mail and it was awesome! It came with a big bag of food that had a dachshund on da front! yah exactly a dachshund itz like dis food was made for me!  plus it came with a holder for doggie poo (yah i don't care about that let mom worry about that) and some more info for humans to read over to show dat this food is good. But of course as Ma was reading the info all I could do was point at picture in front of bag and say: Duh! it has a DACHSHUND on the front, what else do you need to know? Anyway Ma read da stuff and directions on how to feed.

Here is da front of the food bag and me sniffing around :)

Come on Ma! give me some of this food!

Ummm helloooo fur brother don't ya see that the picture of da bag is a dachshund???
 Iz not for rottweilers!

 Okay seriously you don't want me to get angry! Back away from ma food!

Yeah that's right, I will show ma teeth to you! I may look small but i iz in charge around here

Uh seriously you are showing ME your teeth, yah I haz no fear!

 Get away fur brother! I won't back down it's ma food.

Ma tells us both to settle down! So we both lay down and waited, but neither one of us wanted to go far away from da bag. 
Ma was upset at us so we tried to act nice.

So then we both got Greenies and everyone was happy!
Of course i am still keeping a close watch on ma bag of food to make sure fur brother doesn't eat it.
Thanks for reading ma Nutro Prize story!
PS. We got this as a prize we are not sponsored or payed in any way by Nutro humans or anipals!


  1. You sure did show whose food dat was! Datz so wunnerful you wining so may pwices! Purrs

  2. Wow you are so brave taking on a GIANT DOGGY! His teeth were scary! But you showed him who's boss!

  3. Yeah Moxie, you stand your ground mate. I got my doggy Mama, brother & sister who constantly scrounge MY food from me ... it no funny joke! A dog could starve in this house.
    PuppyNumber7 (Thomas)