Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Evening at the dog park

Three months ago Ma filled out application fur a dog park close to where we all live. It was not expensive and also it was the only park that would allow her to register three dogs since it is me and brofur plus whatever foster sisfur is around. Da park sadly was closed for like forever, although Ma sayz it was just a month and a half because they were planting new grass and then the new grass kept getting ruined or something because of all the rain we have been getting here in St. Louis. 
But finally the park opened and we have been going there almost every evening! I enjoy laying on the grass BOL but Ma forces me to run around!

Ma and Heidi have been walking and running in the dog park because they boths are trying to loose weight. Here is Heidi running towards Ma, she knows her name already and she iz very quick to respond. She like me loves Ma. You can also see brofurs butt BOL in da background!

I hope you all are enjoying your summers!

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