Sunday, June 19, 2011

The one dat got away

Furriends I went Friday to a meeting of the Gateway Low-Downs, iz da group here in St. Louis of dachshund owners, iz sooooo cool! On the way there I waz so excited because Ma can only take me since brofur and foster sisfur are not dachshunds, so I was feeling super special and riding up in the front wif Ma. I looked so serious when Ma took the pic but I was very happy!

Then Ma told me that Hazel was going to be there! Furriends I haz had many girlfriends over the last year, and I haz rejected girlfriends too. Ma sayz I iz a playboy. But Hazel iz the one girl that rejected me. She didn't even look at me, I tried and tried and nothing. When Ma told me dat Hazel would be there I gots a bit upset.

When we got to da place of the group reunion I saw her, the super beautiful Hazel. Isn't she pretty?

I tried again to get her attention but without success! She iz sooo diva! So I saids to myself: Moxie why you waste time wif Hazel when you can go snif da sisters Suzy and Tina!. Last year I was infamous for switching back and forth on my attentions with these two BOL I just say that I kept getting confused between one and the other.

After going around wif the ladies I tried to make friends with a 10 year old dapple that my Ma sayz I look a lot like. Can you guess which one iz me?

There where many dachshunds in attendance, Ma only waz able to get pic of a few of them at a time because everyone was moving so much but I thinks there were around 20 of us!

Even though Hazel ignored me again I iz happy because I made new friends and saw old ones too! 

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  1. Hai Moxie!! You is so CUTE! Luvs your pics in da car and I just knows you was furry happy to be up front and only one in da care wif your momma. And to goes to a meet up wif so many others and ladie woofies. MOL

    Glad you made furriends! *nosetaps*