Friday, November 19, 2010

Anipal Photo Hunt: #14 Mom

Dis is ma first post for Anipal Photo Hunt! Ma and I kept missing the past deadlines but I dinks we are on time for this one!
So Ma and Dad are unfortunately very obsessed with Jersey Shore, they don't miss an episode or preview or after party episode, seriously if I need attention during an episode they just don't care! So because of this obsession since July my Ma kept going on and on about how she wanted to be Snooki for Halloween. Dad was not so thrilled about being a character from Jersey Shore but Ma convinced him in the end to be The Sitch more commonly known as The Situation BOL. Now Dad is a little shy sometimes so we won't post his pixi here but here is my Ma as Snooki for Halloween. She told me later she had lots of fun! Maybe next year I will be The Situation instead of Dad!


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