Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lots to be thankful about

This iz ma first thanksgiving EVER. I lived in a puppymill before Ma fostered me and eventually adopted me last March. I haz so much to be thankful for, my Ma loves me so much and she gives me lots of noms and accessories, she gives me what all doggies deserve.
Thiz iz me at camping trip sunbathing

I hopes all anipals out there find a home but in da meantime we can all help out by giving a little love to our anipals in need out there.

If you gots a few extra dollars please consider donating to Santa Paws Drive, it's a real great group of pals trying to give joy to anipals in shelters. Or you can take some treats to your local rescue, always try to remember small rescues, I come from St. Louis Senior Dog Project, they iz selling hot senior dog calendar this year, ok there iz no unreasonable pictures BOL but still real goodz pixis and it helps to care for da senior dogs.

Dis iz Tina she iz in da calendar, dis picture did not make it BOL humand thought too revealing!

But last but not least not all gifts are in money or items, best gift iz to give hugs to anipals. Go to shelter or adoption event and hug anipals there, show them what caring humans are!

Thank you for reading,

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