Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Noms

Dis was ma first Thanksgiving ever and my Ma gave me and brofur some mashed potatoes that Dad made :)

This is Ma's hand picking up some mash potatoes

I gots da first bit, I loves it!

Then Brofur got some too, Ma gave him more because he is super big

Then Ma decided it would be fun to put mash potatoes on brofur's snout so he would entertain himself and try eating it! BOL i was barking at him and watching!

But then it was ma turn! Ma put mash potatoes on MY snout too! the horror! such offense! I donts look too happy here.

What iz I supposed to do about this mash potatoes Ma? I donts like eating like this! remove them!

Ma finally helped me clean the mash potatoes from ma snout and I ate them.
Then I got ma turkey shaped treat! She got it at a super nice store named Treats Unleashed 

Nom nom nom!

It was a great 1st Thanksgiving!

Thank you for reading furriends,

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